To increase the lifespan of your chainwheels it it is very important that a new chain is fitted with new chainwheels. Using an old chain with new sprockets (or a new chain with old sprockets) will cause accelerated wear.

MINO Racing chainwheels are designed as a replacement for your OEM chainwheels. The installation of MINO Racing chainwheels should be done according to your motorcycle service manual.


– Do not mix old and new chain and chainwheels.
– Make sure the chainwheels are correctly aligned.
– Check if all sprocket bolts are tightened with the correct amount of torque, adjust according to motorcycle service manual guidelines.
– Check for correct chain tension, adjust according to motorcycle service manual guidelines.
– Remember to lubricate the chain and chainwheels.


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MINO Racing cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by incorrect product mounting, disregarding specifications & these instructions, or product mounted by an unqualified third party.